Paperoll FAQ

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Can I print my Facebook/Instagram friends’ photos ?

Currently, Paperoll only imports your own photos. Facebook and Instagram don’t allow friends’ photos importing. Fortunately there is a workaround: Paperoll also enables importing photos directly from your computer. You can manually download your friends' pictures on your computer and import them on Paperoll.


What about the thermal printing quality?

Using the thermal printing technology, Paperoll doesn’t use any ink. Thermal printers mark the paper by burning it, shaping black and white pictures with a warm texture. You can have a look at our homepage pictures for a preview.

Is it long lasting printing?

Thanks to research and technological innovations, new types of thermal papers have appeared. Thermal papers today offer very good qualities in protecting the images printed. However, it remains paper and printed images and requires a delicate manipulation: may we recommend you not to rub it !

What kind of paper do you use?

We are using a high quality thermal paper (100 g/m2).

How is Paperoll long?

It's up to you! You can print up to 8 meters (26 feets) of photos (up to 100 photos). The cost is the same for an 1m or 8m roll.


How long/much is it?

Worldwide, shipment is 3,90€. Because we are located in Paris, french shipments’ delays are about 48h via letter. For other countries, we are shipping Paperoll by international letter: the delays are around one week.

Can I return my roll ?

No sorry, as the rolls are personalised, returns are not available yet.

How do you package my roll ?

Rolls are carefully wrapped and packed in a padded envelopes. Your roll will be safe :)


How is my payment secured?

We use the first class payment service: Stripe. As we often say, security first!

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